How do I setup my Outlook 2013 or change my password

How do I setup my Outlook 2013 or change my password

Outlook Email Setup & Password Change

Open and launch Outlook 2013 for its technical setup. Once you have done with it, you should select the File window. It is important for account setup with email address and password. After providing these credentials, you will get the chance to open the Account Information section. The selection of Add Account is suggested to you after that. However, the Auto Account Setup page is also recommended to you. Again you will be prompted to enter email address and password. But this time, you have to do it along with your name. Press Next to move to the next section. The selection of Finish button will end up the setup process and Outlook Technical Support Number instructs you to do that. You can’t open the additional server type window when the process is undertaken for an exchange account. Here you can avail the required information from your email administrator and can access your email account with the use of web-based outlook.

How to change the password in outlook 2013?

Outlook 2013 uses the password that you have entered it into the program to connect to your email account. Besides, the email password has to be changed before you update it in Outlook 2013. For the enrichment of your knowledge, we have come with the password changing process and divided it into multiple steps. So, an invitation is here for you to know how to change password in outlook 2013. Ten simple steps will help you in knowing the same.

  1. Launch Outlook 2013
  2. Go to the top-left corner of the opened window and select the File tab
  3. You will find the Account Settings on the center of the opened window
  4. We request you for selecting the same
  5. Your email account has to be selected from the list of options
  6. Click on the Change button then
  7. Make a stronger password now
  8. Enter the newly formed password after removing the old one
  9. Click on Next
  10. Save the changes by pressing the Save button

Get in touch with the Outlook Password Recovery Number if you have any confusion over this area, the password change. The number which is known for its effective support is actually connected to the technical support team elected by Outlook Customer Care Management. Yes, here is a dedicated team to assist you in this regard or any other regard related to Outlook 2013. 

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