How Do You Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook

Delete Multiple Emails

Delete Multiple Emails in Outlook

Outlook provides a great platform to the users for their personal as well as professional uses. It enables them to work easily on it and make it comfortable for them to manage their email related work. It provides a good storage space to them as well as allow them to easily send and receive their messages on it. It sometimes happens to the users that they get stored multiple messages stored in the inbox of their email address. It causes issue to them in their working as there are multiple unwanted messages in their inbox making it inconvenient for them to work.

In order to delete multiple messages from the list of their inbox, users are required to go through the given steps

  • Go to the outlook account
  • Open the inbox of your account
  • Select the folder option in your inbox from where you need to delete messages
  • Choose the messages which you need to delete
  • In order to select the consecutive messages, select first message and then press and old shift key

These steps will help the users to delete multiple emails which are not required to them. If there happens to be any issue while doing so then they need to contact the support team. They can securely deleting email in outlook with technical experts who will provide them the best solution for their issues and enable them to delete the messages easily on it. The users can immediately call on the Outlook Toll free Number where they can get the solution for their issues and continue their work easily on it.

If the users face any issue still by getting the emails deleted, they need to immediately contact the outlook customer service number where they will get the best solution for their issues and get their work done.

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