How do you scan email attachments for viruses?

How do you scan email attachments for viruses

Scan email attachments for viruses

Spam email is a type of commercial advertising which occasionally brings attachments with online hazards like viruses. If an email message with an attachment containing a virus receives in your inbox, you need to take immediate action against that. Do not open the received attachment if you find it doubtful. Save the doubtful attachment to your computer hard disc and then you are suggested to scan it well. A file that contains a virus won't harm your computer until you open it. That’s why the opening is restricted by the Outlook Customer Care Number.

How do I scan an email attachment?

Such a virus is technically known as email virus. It is true that the email viruses work differently but they all involve similar scanning procedure. A right-click on this file will help you in getting the scan option. Hence, you will be able to select the option to scan the concerned file by your Antivirus software. This is the complete way to scan and attach to an email. Hold down the Ctrl key while you clicking each file you want to scan. This way you can scan it multiple times.

How do I attach and send the scanned attachment?

  1. Save the attachment
  2. Scan it
  3. Open the scanned document, check it
  4. Then you need to launch your email client, make your account login
  5. Hit the [Compose] to compose an email
  6. You will find the [Attachment] icon in the below pane
  7. It is needed to be clicked at adding the scanned file
  8. Select the concerned attachment
  9. Hit [Send] to send the composed message

How do I remove the virus from my email attachment?

You are supposed to scan your computer if your account is sending out spam emails without your knowledge. A scanning with an efficient antivirus will erase out the viruses and malware from your computer. But you are suggested to make the use of a reliable Antivirus product. Do not forget to change your account password after the computer is scanned. Get in touch with the outlook experts for knowing the password changing steps. Outlook Technical Support Number is the key to changing an account password.

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