How to Download Mail for an IMAP Account using Outlook

Download Mail for an IMAP Account using Outlook

Download mail for an IMAP account using outlook

Microsoft outlook is the best and most suitable email client for the users which helps them to get the email services easily and keep them updated for their work. It generally allows you to perform several functions and make the work of the users go at good pace. The IMAP server settings are required by the users for the outlook account for getting the messages in their account.

In order to read the messages faster through the IMAP server settings there are certain steps to be followed by the users to make their work done.

Open MS outlook

Open the MS outlook by clicking on the outlook icon on the desktop. Go to the application select tools and then select send/receive settings.

Select the group to edit

Go to the send/receive settings and select define send/receive group. In the tab select the goup you want to edit and it is advised that you should choose all accounts option as default option.

Select the mail account you would like to change

Highlight your selection and choose edit all selecting all accounts option in the send/receive groups.

Highlight the folder you want to change

Go to the folder option and highlight the folder which you want to change. The folder which you will highlight give the changes and allow them to work on it easily.

Switch the folder options

Now you have the option to switch folder option from default of download header only to the options. Download complete folders including attachments.

Press OK to save the changes

Select the OK option in the settings and press close to exit the window. As the users exit the windows they will be able to exit the window and continue their work on it easily.

These options will help the users to work on their outlook account and continue their work on their account. If this doesn’t work for the users then they can also contact the support experts of the outlook where they will be able to get the best solution for their issues. They can call on the Outlook helpline number and interact with the experts.

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