How to Import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

How to Import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

How to Import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

Outlook, the email service platform offered by Microsoft is registered and used by people from every part of the world.Outlook is known for its user-friendly interface and modern features.It is also a preferred choice for business houses for their daily communication. Many users have to face some challenges while using Outlook, some of the major issues is as follows:

·         Setting up fresh outlook account

·         Password recovery and data recovery

·         How to import Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar

·         difficulty in sending and receiving messages

·         Issue in configuring outlook

So, the question comes how do I fix my Outlook email issues? Though Microsoft offers outlook customer service number to resolve all these issues but most of the times it is not sufficient. There are many third parties, which offer expert and professional technical support for Outlook.

Our Outlook toll free number give you access to qualified Outlook professionals to offer instant solution for any issues related to Outlook email. We have extensive trained our team so they can understand your issues first and give time bound solution.Our Outlook helpline number is used by many users from every part of the world and highly satisfied by our solution driven approach. We give round the clock service by our Outlook customer service number.

One of the critical issues faced by Outlook users is how to import Outlook calendar to Google calendar. It can be done by some simple steps. In Outlook email you can easily create the calendar with selected data range which you want to import in Gmail

How do I fix my Outlook email

·         First Login to your Google account

·         Go to the Settings on the top

·         Under calendar settings, select calendar

·         Under task, select import calendar and choose the calendar created from Outlook

So, from now there will be no issue in using Outlook email. With our Outlook toll free number, you will get uninterrupted Outlook email service and we will fix all your Outlook issues.

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